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Concrete Coating (CWC)Pipe

Pipe diameter:Φ168-1422mm(6-56 inch),

Coating thickness: 35-150mm,Coating density: 2240-3400kg/m3,


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Concrete coating system is designed to provide negative buoyancy and mechanical protection for pipelines in subsea and wet environments. Compression Coat uses a side-wrap application process making it ideal for both small and large diameter pipelines. The product is available in various thicknesses and densities and can be applied over FBE or 3LPE coating.

Centerway steel co.,ltd can provide concrete coating pipe of various standards and grades, passed ISO9001, SGS and other certificates, accept third-party testing, has complete testing and testing facilities, from product development, raw material supply, production process management, etc. in accordance with international quality The system standards are standardized to provide customers with satisfactory pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services. Feel free to contact us anytime




Minimum Concrete Thickness

25 mm (1.0″)

Maximum Concrete Thickness

150 mm (6.0″)

Minimum Pipe Diameter

254 mm (10″)

Maximum Pipe Diameter

1219.2 mm (56.0″) Limited to maximum coating OD 60″

Minimum Pipe Length

10.5 m (34.5′)

Maximum Pipe Length

26 m (85.3′)


DNV-OS-F101: Submarine Pipeline Systems – SAWL 245, SAWL290, SAWL 320, SAWL 360, SAWL 415, SAWL 450, SAWL 485, SAWL 555

ISO 21809-5:2010: Petroleum and natural gas industries – External coatings for buried or submerged pipelines used in pipeline transportation systems – Part 5: External concrete coatings.

• ASTM C42 Standard Test Method for Obtaining and Testing Drilled Cores and Sawed Beams of Concrete

• ASTM C87 Test Methods for Effect of Impurities in Fine Aggregate on Strength of Mortar BS 1881 Methods of Testing Concrete

• ASTM C642 Standard Test Method for Specific Gravity, Absorption, and Voids in Hardened Concrete

• BS 3148 Test Methods for Water for Making Concrete

• BS 4449 Material Specification for Carbon Steel Bars for Concrete Reinforcement

• BS 4482 Hard Drawn Mild Steel Wire for the Reinforcement of Concrete

• BS 4483 Specification for Steel Fabric for the Reinforcement of Concrete

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