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Coating Steel Pipe

Dealing with Coating Steel pipes (SSAW/LSAW/ERW/SMLS) service, stockist and logistics, with ASTM, JIS, DIN, EN, API, BS AS/NZ standards, supplying PEMEX,  PDVSA, etc

Bare pipe





Production Range:

WT: 3mm - 25mm

WT: max 50mm

OD: 1/8"-24"       
WT: max 26.5mm

OD: 1/8"-36"        
WT: 1.25mm - 50mm


· Random Length   /   Fixed Length   /   SRL    /   DRL


Mechanical Tubing
Liquid Transport Steel Pipe
General structure, mechanical structure
Transport liquid, gas, oil


1.Chemical Component Analysis      2.Mechanical Properties (Ultimate tensile strength, Yield strength, Elongation)
3.Technical Properties (Flattening Test, Flaring Test, Bending Test, Hardness Test, Blow Test, Impact Test etc)
4.Exterior Size Inspection   5.Nondestructive Test (Ultrasonic flaw detector, Eddy current flaw detector)
6.Hydrostatic Test

Coating Type:

Fusion bond Epoxy Coating/ Coal Tar Epoxy /3PE /2PE/FBE/2FBE/3PP Varnish Coating
Bitumen Coating  / Black Oil Coating,Cement coated as per customer's requirement

  • Subsea Pipeline Comprehensive Services(CNOOC)

    Subsea Pipeline Comprehensive Services(CNOOC)

    Coating Type:FBE/2FBE/3LPE/3LPP Coating


    FBE/2FBE/3LPE/3LPP:Pipe diameter:Φ168-1422mm (6-56 inch)

    Pipe concrete counterweight coating process(CWC):Pipe diameter:Φ168-1422mm(6-56 inch),Coating thickness: 35-150mm,Coating density: 2240-3400kg/m3,

    Thermal insulation coating-a. Polyurethane spray polyethylene extrusion coating process (PUF):Φ168-813mm (6-32 inch)

    Thermal insulation coating-b. Polyurethane casting process

    Thermal insulation coating-c. GSPU wet insulation process:Φ168-813mm (6-32 inch), coating thickness:30-120mm

    Thermal insulation coating-d. Silica airgel felt steel sheathed steel thermal insulation process:

  • Epoxy Coating Pipe

    Epoxy Coating Pipe

    Application: Used for natural gas, petroleum, water & sewage, and pipe systems

    Standard:AWWA C210

    Pipe diameter:Φ168-1422mm (6-56 inch);Coating type:FBE, 2FBE, 2LPE, 3LPE/PP

  • FBE Coating Pipe

    FBE Coating Pipe

    Application: Used for natural gas, petroleum, water & sewage, and pipe systems

    Pipe diameter:Φ168-1422mm (6-56 inch);Coating type:FBE, 2FBE, 2LPE, 3LPE/PP

    End:Plain End/Bevelled End, Burr Removed

  • 3PE Coating Pipe

    3PE Coating Pipe

    Pipe diameter:Φ168-1422mm (6-56 inch);Coating type:FBE, 2FBE, 2LPE, 3LPE/PP;

    Standards:DIN30670,CAN /CSA-Z245.21-M92 etc

    PP three-tier structure of anti-corrosion pipeline:

    the first layer of epoxy powder (FBE50 – 100um),

    the second adhesive (AD) 250 – 400um,

    the third layer of polypropylene (PP) 1.4 – 4.0mm.

    Coating temperature up to 110 degrees.

    Application:Widely used in high surface temperature, according to the region longer underground water, gas, oil pipelines.

  • Concrete Coating (CWC)Pipe

    Concrete Coating (CWC)Pipe

    Pipe diameter:Φ168-1422mm(6-56 inch),

    Coating thickness: 35-150mm,Coating density: 2240-3400kg/m3,

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