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Seamless Tube Production Line

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    At present, we have 3 sets of hot-rolled seamless steel pipe production lines with an annual production capacity of 1.35 million tons. The physical and chemical laboratory conducts various physical and chemical tests on steel pipes, and is equipped with eddy current flaw detectors, magnetic flux leakage detectors and ultrasonic flaw detectors. It is used for high, medium and low pressure seamless steel pipes and oil casings. All-round inspection measures can meet various standard test and inspection requirements for steel pipes.
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  • seamless pipe manufacturers,api 5l pipe,lsaw pipe
    Cold rolled mill:There are 10 cold rolling production lines with an annual production capacity of 30,000 tons, including one 280, one 150, one 110, one 90, three 60, and three 30 units;Product specification: outer diameter Φ20~273mm, wall thickness 1.0~32mm. Cold drawing mill:8 sets of 10-200 ton hydraulic and chain cold drawing machines;Product specifications: outer diameter Φ20~273mm, wall thickness 1.0~26mm, length ≤25000mm;The product has a wide range of sizes and flexible specifications; the outer diameter has high precision and can be produced in small batches;
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