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A Cool Summer • Centerway LuoXiao Mountain Reaching Team Building

Date:2022-08-22View:412Tags:coated steel pipe suppliers,erw pipe,seamless pipe

In order to relieve the work pressure of employees, enhance the communication between employees, and create a united and positive corporate culture,  Centeway Steel Co., Ltd. organized a one-day trip to the river for employees.

At 8:00 a.m. on August 20, we collectively took the bus to Siyuan Village, Luoxiao Mountain, Pingjiangbei, Yueyang. After arriving at the destination, all the colleagues were constantly amazed by the beauty here. Soon, in order to increase the number of colleagues The cohesion between the two teams is divided into two teams to play the fun activity of "Back on the Long March Road". In the event, in order to allow the ball to pass through various important points on the Long March Road, and finally reach the finish line smoothly, all the members of the team are heartfelt. Make it in one place and twist it into a rope. Even though there were many failures in the middle, everyone did not complain and encouraged each other. The cheering scene after the final completion is still fresh in my memory.

At 12:00 noon, we enjoyed the special bamboo rice. Bamboo rice is the specialty here. I heard that there are eight or nine homestays that make bamboo rice in one village. They cook rice with fresh adult bamboo. Eating has always been a ritual. matter.

After a period of free time, I didn’t have the usual excitement of climbing the river, climbing and jumping in the pool. This time, we reduced the difficulty of climbing the river and chose a river section where adults and children can play. Find a stream with steep slopes and deep valleys, beautiful mountains and beautiful waters The bamboo sea is green, deep and quiet, just like a paradise. The streams here are gurgling, the canyons are densely covered with pools, and they are scattered. In summer, it is a paradise for swimming. The big pool can swim, the small pool can be used for water fights, and you can catch fish. , You can sing in a low voice by the stream, and the mountain breeze is blowing, which is comfortable and pleasant. The air is fresh, the environment is beautiful, and the unique landform features make it a paradise for river tracing. We set up the sky on the hillsides on both sides of the river, put away tables and chairs, iced watermelons, played water fights, experienced board games and barbecues, set up stoves, and the aroma of barbecue and coffee filled the entire valley. Children happily play in the water, fight water fights, adults continue the afternoon tea time in the secret stream, drink tea, listen to the gurgling water, and feel the comfort and gifts brought by this nature.

After 4:00 pm, we drove back, and the happy day was over. I believe that this river tracing team building activity has made everyone more aware of the importance of the team and the value of responsibility. I believe that the entire team of Centerway will also go against the current. Go up, overcome all difficulties, and work together in the future work, do your best, strengthen your confidence, and create brilliant together!

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