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Fire Safety Measures for Seamless Steel Pipes

Date:2024-05-29View:78Tags:seamless steel pipes, seamless stainless steel pipe, seamless pipe manufacturer

Seamless steel pipes typically lose their load-bearing capacity and experience significant deformation at temperatures between 450°C and 650°C. This deformation can cause steel beams and columns to bend, rendering them unusable due to the excessive distortion. Generally, the fire resistance rating of unprotected seamless steel pipes is about 15 minutes, although this duration can vary depending on the heat absorption rate of the components. Below are some detailed fire safety measures for different types of pipes:

1. External Insulation

Applying an external insulation layer on the surface of seamless steel pipes is an effective fire protection measure. This layer can be cast in place or applied using a spray method.

Cast-in-place: Solid concrete external insulation, typically reinforced with steel wire mesh or rebar to limit shrinkage cracks and ensure the strength of the casing.

Spray Method: A slurry of lime concrete or plaster, sometimes mixed with ceramics or asbestos, can be sprayed on the pipe surface to form a protective layer. Alternatively, pre-cast panels made of ceramic, asbestos, gypsum, asbestos cement, or lightweight concrete can be adhered, nailed, or bolted to the pipes.

2. Water Injection

Injecting water into hollow seamless steel pipes is an effective way to counteract fire. This method maintains a lower temperature within the pipes during a fire. The water circulates inside the pipe, absorbing heat from the material. The heated water can be cooled and recirculated, or fresh water can be introduced to replace the heated water.

3. Enclosure

Placing seamless steel pipes within walls or ceilings made of fire-resistant materials, or encasing the components in gaps between two walls, can achieve fire protection with minimal additional insulation. This is an economical fire safety method.

4. Expanding Materials

Using fire-resistant coatings on seamless steel pipes provides excellent fire protection and thermal resistance. This method is not limited by the geometric shape of the pipes and typically requires no additional auxiliary equipment. The coatings are lightweight and can also serve a decorative purpose, representing a modern and advanced fire safety technique.

With the growing prevalence of high-rise buildings constructed using seamless steel pipes, particularly in multi-story structures, it is crucial to enhance fire safety measures. In the event of an accident, fires in such buildings cannot be extinguished quickly. Therefore, it is essential to integrate fire safety protection into the design of building materials to improve their fire resistance rating. Additionally, necessary emergency measures should be planned within the building to reduce casualties and economic losses.

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