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Date:2022-06-22View:294Tags:boiler tubes,semless line pipe,seamless pipe manufacturers

Dear Customer:

Hope this email finds you well.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has brought much inconvenience to the majority of foreign importers purchasing products from China. Since they are unable to make an on-the-spot investigation to Chinese suppliers and check the production of goods, which has led to "good opportunities" for some lawbreakers.

At present, there are some unscrupulous merchants and individuals in China. They make use of these opportunities and tempt you at ultra-low price 10% to 20% lower than the normal market price to purchase their products.

However then, they deliver the products by means of offering shoddy, replacing the material of products, reducing the number of goods, etc. to make huge profits, resulting to many customers suffering heavy losses. This has not only brought huge economic losses to customers, but also caused a very bad negative impact to China's steel industry.

In order to prevent more foreign importers from being deceived, I solemnly suggest that importers carefully observe and choose Chinese suppliers, and do not blindly pursue abnormally low prices. If you are deceived unfortunately, please do not give up your legitimate rights and interests easily. You are supposed to file a lawsuit with the relevant legal authorities of the Chinese government through legal channels. China is a country with complete legal system, and the Chinese government always severely cracks down on such unscrupulous businesses.

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