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The addition of deoxidizer in seamless steel pipe casting process

Date:2023-11-13View:52Tags:api casing pipe,steel pile pipe,stainless steel pipe

Added to the liquid steel deoxidizing element, which is dissolved in a portion of the metal and the slag deoxidation oxygen into the product and consume oxygen, and the remaining part is absorbed by the liquid steel in order to meet the specifications of the finished steel element requirements. In the production of seamless steel pipe, if you know the end of steel composition, the amount of molten steel, alloy composition and the yield, you can be added in an amount calculated deoxidizer based on composition of the steel, proved to accurately interpret and control the deoxidizing element yield, is to achieve the desired oxygen level and improve the finished product hits the key. However, the yield of deoxidizing elements affected by many factors. The higher oxygen content in molten steel before deoxidation, final slag oxidation is stronger, the stronger the element oxygen, the greater the amount of burning elements, the yield is lower. In production, must also be combined with a comprehensive analysis of the specific circumstances .

Different components of liquid steel deoxidation elements yield will be different. The specification finished steel deoxidizing element content is higher, the greater the amount of deoxidizing agent is added, the smaller the proportion of a burning, so the yield increased. A steel furnace mouth or slag taphole sooner the more the amount of slag and iron slag is higher, the yield of the element oxygen reduction is more obvious. Conversely, if the synthetic slag slag reductive wash artificially increasing the height of the molten steel flow, so that the synthetic slag is strongly stirred, the liquid steel and slag contact area increased significantly, enhanced diffusion of deoxidation of molten steel, not only can significantly improve the yield of the elements, but also the molten steel and nonmetallic inclusions in oxygen content is further reduced.

In addition, fragmentation deoxidizer, specific gravity, adding time and sequence, are also on the yield to a certain extent. Factors affecting the yield of course a lot, but frequent changes in production are not many big factor, generally as long as control terminal carbon, a steel slag and the next time the amount of slag, they can make the yield is relatively stable. 

Remark: Part of deoxidizing elements to be absorbed by the molten steel with the joining of the total ratio, which called yield.

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