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Responsibility lies on shoulders, safety comes first - Centerway Steel carries out a series of fire safety training and exercises

Date:2024-06-20View:46Tags:stainless seamless pipe,api casing pipe,semless line pipe

On June 20, Centerway Steel Co., Ltd hosted the "Everyone Talks About Safety, Everyone Can Respond to Emergency--Smooth Life Passage" safety training and fire drill activities for the 2024 Safety Production Month of Xiangdi Building. Liu Xin, deputy director of the Hunan Junxiao Fire Safety Service Center, was invited to conduct fire safety and emergency response knowledge and skills training for all staff; a "6.16 Safety Consultation Day" consultation desk was set up on the first floor of the building to distribute safety knowledge brochures; in front of the East Auxiliary Building, the organizer organized various units of Xiangdi Building to carry out practical skills training drills such as connecting fire hoses with fire hydrants, using fire extinguishers to extinguish initial fires, correctly wearing smoke respirator masks to escape, and using escape tents. Subsequently, 8 teams composed of various units of Xiangdi Building conducted a fire emergency safety skills competition. Through the close combination of safety skills competition and actual operations, the safety awareness and safety skills of all employees were further improved.

Finally, our team won the third place in this competition with a score of 1 minute and 53 seconds.

At the end of the event, Zhang Gangping, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Geological Group, made a summary speech. Zhang Gangping pointed out that the leaders of all units attached great importance to this event, the organizers organized it carefully and made thorough arrangements, all units actively participated, the event was successfully completed, and achieved the expected results.

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